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Saeco PicoBaristo

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The Saeco PicoBaristo is a compact premium machine which spoils coffee lovers for variety and quality. Via the user interface you can choose from a wide choice of specialties at one touch. And with the AquaClean filter you can enjoy up to 5000 cups without descaling.


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Saeco PicoBaristo

Up to 5000 cups* without descaling with AquaClean filter
Saeco’s new and patented innovation, AquaClean water filter, ensures you make the most out of your full automatic coffee machine. By changing the filter at machine request, you will not need to descale your machine for up to 5000 cups*, while getting the benefit of clear and purified water. As an added benefit, the descaling notification alarm is automatically deactivated once AquaClean is installed in your Saeco PicoBaristo.

Enjoy hot coffee in no time with the Quick Heat Boiler
When time is of the essence, you can brew perfect espresso and cappuccino without the wait, thanks to the Quick Heat Boiler. The secret is in its light aluminum and stainless steel body, which can reach hot temperatures, fast.

The strength selection remembers just how strong you like it
With the Saeco PicoBaristo, you can choose your ideal strength from the 5 different settings, select the length and the temperature. You can easily save your desired coffee length with the Memo Function for each drink. Then every cup in the future will be customised exactly to your taste. You’ll never have to remind it again, unlike the local barista.

Extract maximum flavor with the 100% ceramic grinders
The robust 100% ceramic grinders of the Saeco PicoBaristo guarantees your moments of pure coffee indulgence for years to come. The ceramic burr creates the ideal grind, which allows the water to flow through steadily, extracting the purest essence of the beans. And unlike other ‘regular’ grinders’, the ceramic material prevents the coffee from overheating and tasting burnt.

Velvety froth at one touch with the Automatic Milk Frother
The Automatic Milk Frother will deliver your coffee’s crowning glory at the touch of a button. Within seconds it will be topped with a silky, milk layer of the finest consistency – the ultimate lure for all cappuccino lovers.

Fine-tune the coffee’s richness with 10 grinder settings
When it comes to the fineness of the grind, the Saeco PicoBaristo never fails to satisfy. Different coffee blends require different levels of granularity for the full flavour to unfold. So the grind granularity of this machine has ten adjustable settings – from the finest grind for a full-bodied espresso, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.

A multitude of specialty coffees at the touch of a button
From Espresso to Cappuccino, there is an assortment of options waiting to satisfy your coffee cravings. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or an after dinner treat, there’s a taste for any time of the day, right at your fingertips.

Iconic stainless steel front, shaped to precision
The use of stainless steel on the front and top crafted with Italian design ensure that this Full Autom machine will stand the test of time in a classic or modern kitchen. An elegant vision of pure design, your Saeco PicoBaristo will look as refined as the coffee it makes.

*Actual number of cups depends on selected coffee varieties, rinsing and cleaning patterns. Descaling alarm is automatically deactivated after 8 filters.

Fully automated machine
Saeco adapting system
Aroma-system: pre-brewing
Ceramic grinder
Coffee dosage control: 5 settings
Automatic coffee circuit rinse and descaling cycle
Adjustable coffee temperature
Adjustable cup volume
Cup warming surface
Automatic milk frother (cappuccinatore)
Removable brewing group
Bypass for grinded coffee
Energy saving: Automatic stand-by
AquaClean Filter compatible

Power: 1850 W
Voltage: 120 V
Pump Pressure: 15 bar
Coffee bean capacity: 250 g
Dump box capacity: 15 servings
Water tank capacity: 1.8 l
Weight: 7.27 kg
Materials: Stainless Steel Front Panel, ABS plastic sides and back
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 221x430x340 mm
Max. cup height: adjustable from  78 t0 164  mm
Made in: Europe

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1 year manufacturer warranty on parts and labour
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*PicoBaristo Carafe pictured

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Black, Stainless


15 bar pump, Adjustable ceramic grinder, Adjustable coffee strength and temperature, Aroma-system: pre-brewing, Automatic cleaning and de-scaling, Cup warmer, Full bean-to-cup customization, Instant steam, One touch espresso, One touch espresso, long coffee and cappuccino, Removable brewing group, Saeco adapting system


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  1. 5 out of 5


    This is the only espresso machine I’ve ever had and I hope it lasts a long time. I have been intimidated by the idea for ages, but this machine has made espresso and lattes and all the happy espresso drinks easy! The machine itself is sturdy, solid and seems very well made.

    And it’s fast. Even with cleaning, this machine makes it easy to justify a quick latte.

    1. READ the instructions. Seriously. Getting an overview of everything will help with setup and use.
    2. EMPTY the grounds bin and bottom catch tray often, not just when the machine tells you to. Avoid mould.
    3. If all else fails, there are videos online to help!

    I thought setup was pretty straight-forward, easy with instructions. Adding water and beans to the machine is super-simple as well.
    ***What baffled me for a while was how to get to the grounds bucket to empty it. You pull out the catch tray, from the front, and you’ll have easy access to the bin!*** The assembly slides in and out easily once you realize that’s what it does.

    Freshly ground beans? YUM. Freshly brewed espresso? Yes, please!
    Milk frothing? Super easy! I clean the frother with 2 runs of clean water after I do milk, but you could probably get away with one.
    Brew temperature settings. Beverage intensity settings. Specialty beverages. There are lots of bells and whistles AND those features are easy to use! (Caveat: READ the instructions.)

    I did find putting the brew group back in was difficult – it took me some time to get the right angle… and I have no idea what I did… Happily, this only has to happen once a month or so for cleaning, so I know I’ll eventually get better at it.

    Finally, the counter space. This is a narrow but deep machine and you need to be able to flip open the top covers on either side to add water and coffee beans. I moved it a couple times before finding the right spot in my kitchen – it doesn’t take up a ton of space but you need that access to the top. The covers do open completely under my cabinets, with room to spare, then it’s just a matter of the right angle to pour water or beans in.

    Overall, I’m impressed and happy with this machine. Don’t be intimidated – this is a high-quality, easily learned machine!

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